CakePHP 3 – Escape to the Global Namespace

This code in CakePHP 3: <?php $date = '31/01/1973'; $ymd = DateTime::createFromFormat('!d/m/Y', $date)->format('Y-m-d'); Causes this error Error: Class ‘App\Controller\DateTime’ not found This code fixes it: <?php $date = '31/01/1973'; $ymd =... read more

Checking for port errors on Cisco Switches

Recently had a macbook pro which had a network dongle that was very hot and the network connection stopped working. Found that the dongle was sending garbled signal down the wire and the Cisco switch shutdown the port. # all status show interfaces status # port... read more

IE11 Wonky Bootstrap Rendering

Problem: Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 Professional renders a bootstrap website with form controls in the wrong place and the layout is corrupt Cause: Internet Explorer 11 has been configured to display legacy banking website with ancient IE8 settings... read more

Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk

On one of my client sites they have a Telstra Internet connection. An Exchange server sits on the network and forwards mail out to the Telstra Smarthost After an update to a Dansguardian proxy server and the subsequent failure of clamd to... read more